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     Episode 6

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    TARKER: Welcome to the Underground. Your only source for Moose Cove's supernatural news, hosted by me, Tarker. Which is a code name, obviously. And this isn't my real voice, in case you're new here. Last week we talked about the tides changing with our good friend Doug at the bait shop. While I don't doubt his claims that the tides times are changing by .057 seconds every day, I was hoping for something a little juicier this week, and boy did I get it. This week's episode is about The Baker's Cliff Banshee. So, let's get right into it.


    TARKER: The Baker's Cliff Banshee is a legend in Moose Cove, Maine. Stories about her have been popping up for a really long time. Is she a real banshee, or a scary ghost, or a collective hallucination? Let's dive deeper.

After talking to some of our oldest citizens, the earliest story I found was from Susan Staples. You might know her as the Elementary school music teacher, though she retired a few years ago. She plays poker with my...[clears throat]nevermind. Mrs. Staples told me that her mother encountered the Baker's Cliff Banshee back in 1926. She was very specific about this, turns out it was the same year we lost a sternman in an early morning storm because Managarm light was hit by lightning. He ran aground and... Sorry friends, you'll get used to my rambles eventually. Anyway, Mrs. Staples said her mother had been out in the park during the storm. Don't know what she was doing out there, but she heard this really loud scream that didn't end, and the wind started going the wrong way. She said it felt like she was being battered by it, pushed around. And then she saw a woman dressed in white with scary looking teeth rush towards her. Like a big mouth with shark teeth that meant to eat her whole head. That's when she passed out. Like, cold, on the ground. And when she woke up the storm was over and there wasn't anything there in the park at all. But the rock wall on the edge of the cliff was damaged, and the rocks were completely scattered on the ground, right in the spot where she'd been standing.

My next story comes from Deloris Jenkins who runs the dance studio out on the peninsula. She said that when she was a kid, she swore she saw a woman in a white dress running down the hill toward the cliff, and a figure on the edge of the cliff that she was running towards. Deloris said she wasn't scared though, because she's sensitive to that sort of thing and she sees spirits regularly. She also said to let you know she's offering psychic readings now for ten dollars on Saturday afternoons at her studio. Oh, and that beginner ballet class sign-ups open up in two weeks.


As you can see there are some similarities in the story. The biggest one being the woman in white. After some research I found that the woman in white is a common supernatural phenomenon. She appears in lore all over the world. In Mexico there's La Llarona who is said to be the spirits of women who drowned their kids and haunt the shores. The Dutch believe they're ghosts of healers. In Ireland these women in white are bad omens, and in Japan they're said to actually attack people. In America though they've taken on a more romantic storyline. Most women in white are said to have some tragic love story that ended in their death, leaving them to haunt the living in their eternal anguish.


So, which one is our Baker's Cliff Banshee? There's is one person who might be able to tell us. Right now, all I have is second hand information. Back in early October, the Junior History class went down to the park to talk about the Founder's memorial for that kid, Jean Pierre Bonnefoy that drowned. After they had the lesson, and heading back to school, one of the students ran screaming down the hill and almost jumped over the wall and into the water. Thankfully two of her classmates grabbed her before that could happen. Right now, all I have are second hand accounts of the incident, but from the sound of it, the Baker's Cliff Banshee has attacked one of Moose Cove's young citizens. And, I'll even venture to tell you, it was a Founder kid, and you know they tend to be magnets for this stuff. But we'll get into that in another episode. I emailed this student about her encounter, but it probably went in a spam folder. I hope to set up an interview soon and have that up for you for next week's episode.

That's all I've got for today, friends. If you have any more stories about the Baker's Cliff Banshee, or any other strange and unusual happenings to report, my Email and links to show notes will be in the transcript.

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And remember Moose Covians, as the monsters and mysteries invade our town, Tarker will be there to get down to the bottom of it for you. From witches, to ghosts, to creatures lurking in the night, Moose Cove is a magnet for the uncanny. If you're new here, welcome to the Underground, and welcome to Moose Cove, Maine's Uncanny Capitol.

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