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A little about my publishing journey today. I've written seven books, that I can recall. All in various states of done-ness. I debated traditional versus indie publishing for a while and long ago decided that for my genre and my goals, indie was the way to go. I write YA paranormal stories which are becoming less popular in the mainstream, and my goal is to write a long series of books all in the same world(think Brandon Sanderson). Neither of these things lends themself to luck in the traditional publishing arena. However, indie readers devour both long series and paranormal fiction. 

Indie authors are by and large DIYers. The biggest benefit to publishing your own book is retaining complete creative control from the content to the cover, to how and where you publish and how much of a percentage of the profit you retain.

For a long time I was stuck on raising the money to have other people do my cover, formatting, marketing etc. But as one financial roadblock after another reared it's ugly head I finally decided to take back even that small amount of control by teaching myself how to do everything involved with publishing my book from beginning to end. I taught myself how to create a cover. I taught myself how to format a book. It was really hard, and still is. I'm not quite finished yet. But I sought out the tools that worked for me. I referenced those that went before me. I took courses and watched tutorials. And in the end this knowledge will help me understand so much more of the business of publishing and creating a book from the ground up. In the end, now I will always know I have everything within me that I need to publish.

In college I was taught how to write, but not really how to get your writing read. So for a long time I sat on my manuscripts, wondering when I'd ever have enough money to hire the people to make my words into a book. This year, 2022, I decided to hire myself.

Are you a DIY author? Tell me about your journey in the comments!

The Priestess Witch will be out on June 20th 2022

❤ Katerina


  1. Congratulations! I have only dipped a toe into the DIY waters... I am still holding out hope that a small press will eventually publish my novella, but I might end up doing it myself too. I mostly write poetry, so I am hoping for a small press chapbook publication. Hats off to you for doing it yourself! Looking forward to reading your book!

    1. Thank you so much! And good luck to you on the small press. There are lots of great ones out there in specific niches. I bet you'll find the perfect one.


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