Creepy Cozy 80's Movies

Greetings Covenmates ⚝

Welcome to my list of creepy cozy 80's movies that are a little harder to get your hands on but are so worth the effort, though you may not agree with me because you're not an 80's kid but I hope you do because they're awesome. Whew, that was a mouthful. Glad I just titled this "Creepy Cozy 80's Movies" instead. What makes a movie creepy cozy? For me it's the type of movie that makes you shiver or grimace, but doesn't make your heart race and want to add more locks to your front door. I wouldn't say I'm a full on horror person, but I love anything that has a high creep factor(Except clowns, circuses, and country fairs. Too high a creep factor with those. I have my limits.) Nostalgia also contributes to the cozy factor as always. So here are a few of my 80's faves.

1. Watcher in the Woods 1980

This MAY have been my gateway drug into the occult. Teens do a ritual in the woods. One of them disappears and nobody will talk about it till a new family comes in and disrupts all their plans to bury the past. It didn't help that the disappeared character had the same name as me(My birth name. I won't tell you. If you've seen the movie feel free to reveal my secret in the comments). Some great acting in this and so very creepy. A slow building tension that keeps you guessing all the way through. You can find the DVD on Disney's website but I haven't seen it streaming anywhere.

2.  Legend 1985

This is creepy in the only way the 80's vision of the fairy realm can be. So much beauty it's on the edge of rot. So much glitter all over everything it makes you afraid for all your orifices. And I am here for it all. But then there's the truly epic dramatic acting from all involved. Mia Sara is so good at being almost bad, and Tim Curry is just...well, I might have to do a separate post on my love for Tim Curry. Whenever I read about the creepiness of the fairy realm in books, this movie is what provides the visuals. And Tangerine Dream adds the audio. Who doesn't love eerie synthesizers? Labyrinth will always be my favorite 80's fantasy(and my favorite movie of all time) but for creep factor I have to go with Legend. It has a luscious darkness what even The Dark Crystal can't touch. It's currently only available on Vudu.

3. Poltergeist 1982

If you follow the link in this photo you'll discover why I was allowed to watch a damn horror movie as a child. PG? Seriously? This movie ticks all the creep factor boxes.  Creepy little kid. Creepy old man who looks like a walking skeleton. Creepy old lady with the voice of a child. A clown(I'll allow it). Lots of goo. It's got it all. And an important life lesson at the end that all of us must know by now...don't build your house on an ancient burial ground. This one is more widely available on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play.

4. Lady in White 1988

This one is a bonus because I haven't seen it since the 80's, but it's been imprinted on my brain since then. I have a very vivid image in my mind of sections of this movie and those sections have definitely inspired my love of ghost stories. Especially the ghost woman on the cliff, which you will see represented in my book, The Priestess Witch(out in June). I think I liked this one because it was creepy without being gory and it's from a child's perspective(a non creepy child). It's just a classic ghost story and there's nothing better than a classic ghost story for a cozy night in. You can find Lady in White on Netflix.

And there you have it. What are your Creepy Cozy movie picks? I'd love to add more to my list!