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Today we're talking about the cozy things in life, and one of my favorites are throw blankets! I have several and wish I had more. So I thought I'd show you the few I have, and some of the ones on my wishlist. And because we do cozy a little darker around here, you'll notice a certain theme to most of these. It's black...they're all black. 

What is your favorite material for blankets? Though I revel in a velvety textile or a fluffy loose knit, my cats tend to wreak havoc on these more elegant options. So, I stick with fleece. It's easy to clean, but also super soft. They also make good Bookstagram props, and they lure the kitties into the pics too. My cats love blankets more than I do I think. Well, almost. 

And here are a few from my wishlist. I'm all about the B&W aesthetic lately, and the spooky repeated graphics.


Another spooky throw, perfect for those mid-winter horror movie marathon weekends. And by horror I mean creepy PG-13 1980's fantasy movies because I'm a chicken.

Okay this one's really fun. It's a custom blanket you can make of any 1 page. I hope to do it of the first page of my debut novel The Priestess Witch (out June 20th 2022). I really like the black with white writing option.

I have to admit I have a little addiction to what I call 'internet window shopping' for cozy living/decor items. Meaning I spend a lot of time making Wishlists on Amazon and Pinterest. I also love those Buzzfeed articles about those "things you never knew you needed". Anybody else? Anyway I hope you enjoy posts like these and they lead you to some dark and cozy, witchy and nerdy products you never knew you needed.



  1. Ah I love blankets too! I have a favourite one, it's red with Scandinavian motifs. I got it from my extremeky nice students as a housewarming gift and I'm not the only one who loves it. My flatmate's dog has always comes in to slumber a bit with me in the morning and she likes curling up on it ♡

    1. That's so sweet! I too have some blankets with sentimental value. My mom made me quilts when I was a kid and I still love cuddling up with those.


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